SiSoftware Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra Lite is a powerful computer diagnostic and testing program designed for the Windows operating system. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and functions for analyzing and evaluating the performance of various computer components, as well as obtaining detailed information about their characteristics.

List of features of SiSoftware Sandra 2021 software:

  • General processor index. Combined performance index of all major processor-related tests: multimedia, scientific analysis, financial analysis, image processing, multi-core efficiency
  • GPGPU Overall IndexA combined performance index of all major GPGPU-related benchmarks: Processing, Scientific Analysis, Financial Analysis, Image Processing, Memory Bandwidth, Memory Latency< /li>
  • Overall Video/Graphics Performance Index.Combined performance index of all major video tests: shader processing, memory bandwidth, media transcoding
  • Total Memory/Cache Index.A combined performance index of all major memory and cache related tests: memory throughput, cache throughput, memory latency.
  • Total Disk IndexA combined performance index of all major disk-related tests: file system throughput, file system I/O, physical disk throughput
  • General Computer Index. Combined performance index of all components as a whole (CPU, GPGPU, Video / Graphics, Memory / Cache and Disk)

Main features of SiSoftware Sandra Lite:

  • Supports 3 platforms (Win32×86, Win64×64, WinCE ARM) in a single installer.
  • 13 benchmarks developed separately for each platform.
  • 34 modules with detailed information.
  • Save, print, send and upload to the server reports in text format, or HTML, XML, SMS/DMI formats , RPT.
  • Ability to compare computer performance with others.
  • Official support for a huge number of different devices thanks to direct cooperation with Intel, AMD, ATI, SiS, < strong>VIA.

Some of the tools in SiSoftware Sandra Lite:

  • PC Maintenance
    • Performance Index – A set of tests will evaluate the performance of your PC.
    • Report – Generating a detailed report showing the full characteristics of your system.
  • Processor
    • Arithmetic test – Testing the ALU and FPU units of the processor.
    • Multimedia test – Block testing (W)MMX, SSE/ 2/3/4 processors.
  • GPU
    • Rendering – Graphics adapter rendering speed test.
    • GPGPU Arithmetic TestGPGPU performance test.
  • Memory controller
    • Bandwidth – Tests and evaluates memory bandwidth.
    • Memory latency – Testing the latency of processor caches and memory subsystems.
  • Built-in devices
    • Motherboard – Details about the motherboard, chipsets, buses, etc.
    • Processors – Full specifications about CPU, FPU and cache.
    • Display – Video system information.

Advantages and disadvantages of SiSoftware Sandra Lite:


  • Ability to test the performance of the processor, video card, RAM and hard drive of a computer or laptop;
  • System diagnostic module;
  • Detailed information about the CPU chipset, motherboard, printer, video card and other PC components;
  • Availability of Russian version of the interface;
  • Ability to save standard and consolidated reports on a local disk;
  • Text tips for working with the program;
  • Ability to test Internet connection speed;
  • Ability to check the stability of the entire system;
  • Function for creating a registry backup;
  • Comparison of test results with technical “leaders” using an updated database.


  • Additional features, including extended product support, are available only in paid editions of the utility;
  • Unstable operation of the application in Windows 7.

Download SiSoftware Sandra Lite

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